The FAN was founded under the auspices of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) but is an independent Not-for-Profit group.






Andrew is an artist with an extensive career nationally and internationally. Early sculpture was principally made in wood, often on a large scale for outdoors. Recent outdoor kinetic work is also responsive to the elements, wind and water particularly, and is fired by a passion for the outdoors and wilder places. Photography, video and sound recording works bring outdoor experiences inside for contemplation.

The environmental theme running right through Andrew's work is underpinned by the conviction that retaining, and being able to have access to, land which is not dominated by humanity is crucial for the well being of us all and other species.







 Philip is Director of the charity, Changing Tunes (London & South East), which uses music teaching, rehearsing, recording, performance, improvisation and composition to aid the rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-prisoners.

Before joining the charity in 2013, Philip managed education and third sector work in prisons for 9 years, having previously gained 22 years’ teaching experience, including 8 years as a Deputy Headteacher. . As a Fellow of the RSA, Philip has had an active role in the Society’s recent prison projects: The Learning Prison and RSA Transitions.

As a musician, Philip plays the clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano and guitar, runs a community concert band and a small jazz group and has composed two musicals for children.







Hazel trained as a psychiatric nurse and played saxophone in a band before getting her Masters in Film and Television. She is now an award winning filmmaker with 25 years of international experience as a producer/director/journalist, often tackling human rights stories in conflict affected countries. She has made 52 broadcast documentaries,working for most major broadcasters- including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and Aljazeera. She has also made feature documentaries and drama.

She is now CEO of Wilderness Productions Ltd and co-founded charity WAYout in 2008, which offers free training and arts facilities to street and disadvantaged youth in Sierra Leone.





Mark is co-director of architectural practice Mills Power Ltd. specialising in educational, community infrastructure and residential projects. Current clients include St. Christopher’s Hospice, The Poetry Society, Ursuline Preparatory School, Luton Rotary Bandstand Trust and private individuals looking for contemporary design additions to Listed properties. Recently completed buildings include Jubiloo, London South Bank’s first public conveniences since the Festival of Britain next to Jubilee Gardens. Mark’s residential intervention at Cadell Close in Tower Hamlets won a New London Architecture Don’t Move, Improve! Award 2011.

Mark taught urbanism and design studio at a number of leading architecture schools: University of Cambridge, Welsh School of Architecture, University of North London and published articles: ARQ, Archis, Architecture Today, Scroope. He leads urban history and sketching tours of Southwark, Rome and Barcelona for academic (e.g. SPAB scholars) and practitioner groups (e.g. Penoyre Prasad Architects).




Ann Kristin has now left the group to pursue her career but without her the group would not exist. She started the group five years ago. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts. In 2000, she won the Geneva Scriptwriting Prize awarded by the European Broadcasting Union, and since then she has worked as a screenwriter. She joined BAFTA as a voting member in 2003.

Ann Kristin began her artistic career as a theatrical stage manager in the US. She quickly moved into film, and has worked extensively as a producer with finance and development. In 2014, she executive produced the children’s online series ‘A Week with Fergie’ that has had more than 45 million hits on YouTube. She is currently in the early stages of executive producing the spy documentary ‘Marina’.

Ann Kristin is passionate about the arts, the role of art in society, and the conditions for working artists. Five years ago, she instigated the Fellow Artists’ Network. Ann Kristin is pursuing a PhD in Law at Cambridge University, where she is looking at the internet and the commodification of personal information.